Current MLHA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors meets bimonthly in the home of a board member. Typical topics include a review of the minutes, the treasurer’s report, discussion related to committees, and work on the newsletter. If you would like to have a particular topic discussed, please contact a board member to have the topic added to the agenda. Alternatively, a topic may be presented in person, and time is allotted at the end of each board meeting for residents to address issues and concerns to the board. Please contact a board member for time and place of meeting.


Robb Patton

Vice President

Wendy Balthazor


Joan Dixon


Margaret Geibel


Alice Loftus


Paul Conforti

Architectural and Landscape Control Committee

The Architectural and Landscape Control Committee has the right and power to approve or reject plans submitted by individual homeowners for additions or changes to their property, with the goal of ensuring that the plans benefit and enhance the area. Approval shall not be unreasonably denied. Plans for changes to property should be submitted to this Committee prior to construction. The Committee reviews about ten plans a year.


Keith S.

Mark Hieronymus

Paul Littleton

Lake Management Committee

The Lake Management Committee looks at maintaining a positive fish population and discourages water fowl (geese) from using the lake as “home”, in addition to other activities. They also investigate problems with erosion along the shore lines and were instrumental in the shoreline protection project.


Social Committee

The Social Committee plans, arranges, and supervises various community activities, to increase the sense of neighborhood and community for the members of the MLHA.