Your MLHA website team is responsible for the appearance, operation, and maintenance of this, the MLHA website.  The team has an excellent esprit de corps and sense of common purpose.  It's a wonderful, professional group to work with!

Although people are acknowledged throughout the site wherever possible and appropriate, I want to recognize everyone here, along with their specific contributions.  Please don't assume that just because we have two or three people working on a given part of the project, we can't use additional help!  People's schedules are different, often conflict with each other, and the needs of a certain part of any web site fluctuate in many, usually unforeseen, ways.  If you are interested in becoming part of this dynamic, very enjoyable team, please let me know!!

The people involved in the creation & maintenance of this site, to date, are as follows:

Current MLHA Web Site Team
Howard Black
Webmaster, design concept, site construction, photography, photograph retouching, ongoing site maintenance and refinement
Ed Conrad
Design concept, identification of specific topics, fact checker, quality consultant, photographer, resident historian
Rick Schroeder
Design refinement, content consultant, photographer
Mark Zinzow
Conception/creation of the very first MLHA web site, design refinement, photography
Adriana Smith
Photograph repair and retouch; photography; graphic art
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