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Brief Description
40 North | 88 West
a new, very promising site from the Champaign County Arts, Culture and Entertainment Council. Tagline: "Art is here. See it. Create it. Support it."
divided into Interesting Places, Movies, Museums, Music, and Theater
Area Businesses
a great diversity of local businesses, from coffee brewers to landscaping to web design
Area Transportation
listings of local airplanes, busses, taxis, and limousines
Central Illinois Better Business Bureau
performs typical BBB functions, dedicated to central Illinois
Chamber of Commerce
"The Champaign County Chamber of Commerce is a member focused business association that facilitates business growth and improves the quality of life in the region through advocacy"
Champaign County Convention & Visitors Bureau
the place to start planning for things to do!
Champaign County, Illinois
Local Government Information Center
A huge amount of local information, from labor contracts to recycling opportunities to Drug Court information.
Champaign-Urbana Metropolitan Area
from Wikipedia, gives a great historical and geographical summary of our area
Champaign-Urbana History
links to most historical sites in central Illinois; more than one for each town or city
Champaign Schools
all schools in the Champaign area
Urbana Schools all schools in the Urbana area
City of Champaign
the "official" City of Champaign web site
City of Urbana
the "official" City of Urbana web site
Champaign County Interactive Travel Brochure
a clever, interactive guide to travel in central Illinois
Champaign Park District the many parks and facilities in the area, along with programs, events, and other items of interest
Homes for Sale in Urbana, Illinois
an Official Site of the National Association of REALTORS®
Homes for Sale in Champaign, Illinois
an Official Site of the National Association of REALTORS®
Houses of Worship
lists houses of worship for every denomination found in central Illinois
Performing Arts - The Krannert Center "Krannert Center for the Performing Arts is dedicated to the advancement of education, research, and public engagement through the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the performing arts."
Surrounding Communities
the small and medium-sized towns and communities around us
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