I am a renter who will be leaving within the next month. I have a "relatively new" pedal boat that I would like to sell in the next month or so, even though I realize that this isn't exactly the prime time for this kind of purchase.

I have a KL Industries Playmate® Sun Slider Pedal Boat that was purchased in early 2009. The specs and reviews can be found at http://reviews.samsclub.com/1337/187737/reviews.htm
and the boat has been rarely used.

If any other Maynard Lake homeowners are interested in this relatively new 4 seat pedal boat, then I would love to talk to them. It offers 2 or 3 active pedaling seats, plus a storage compartment and/or cooler and seating for 2 little ones in the back..perfect for fishing and an incredible day out on the lake! We will take substantially less than we paid for it to be rid of it now...

I appreciate if you can share this offer with any other residents!

Thank you for your time and help,


Note: The photo of the boat above was taken from the review site cited in the email; thus, it should represent an accurate likeness of the item being sold.