Last Sunday, we circulated a note from Christine Klindworth saying, “Hello Ed, Did anyone else see the bald eagle in the field across from Moraine on Sunday, June 15?”
Christine Klindworth (3310 Roxford)

The idea that there has been a bald eagle flying around the Maynard Lake area is almost unbelievable. Thus, our webmaster, Howard Black, was reluctant to add this note to our MLHA web page until there was further support that this was indeed a bald eagle. Incoming messages from several members have now confirmed several bald eagle sightings in our area. Now, indeed, we know that the eagle(s) has/have been seen by at least four or five members. The conversations are summarized below.

  • When I sent word of the other sightings to Christine, her reaction was:
    “Oh wow! I had no idea it had been spotted before. I thought I might have been seeing things.”

    She elaborated on her sighting in a bit more detail as follows:
    “I saw the eagle the Sunday before last in the field by Moraine Drive while walking my dog. I saw it circling above and coming in to land in the field by Moraine. I couldn't believe my eyes and got as close as I could to verify. I got within 50-100 ft. before it took off with either a snake or branch in its talons. I got a very good look at it. The bird was HUGE and had all the right color markings. I looked it up in various bird books to rule out any similar birds. It was a bald eagle.”
  • An early reply from Vicki Patton was as follows:
    “I saw it last fall but I haven't seen it recently. Jill Hieronymus and Tom Able have seen it this spring.”

  • And from Jill Hieronymus:
    “Yeah!!! Someone else saw the eagle! I saw it several weekends ago and it swooped down and grabbed a fish right in front of our yard. IT WAS AWESOME!”

  • And from Barb Basic:
    “It flew east to west right over the lake within feet of our windows before going over our house!”

  • But, in response to our original question, “Birdwatchers--Did you see it??”, we had only one negative response—from Cathy Daily:
    “No, darn it!”

These statements now substantiate the idea that there has been a bald eagle flying around the Maynard Lake area! We should be happy to note that our national bird has seen fit to visit our area.

Thought you’d like to know.

If anyone else sights our visitor, please let Ed or me know. Keep your camera by the window you most commonly from which you usually observe your yard! It would so excellent to photograph one sitting somewhere in the Maynard Lake area! Thanks!
Howard (MLHA Webmaster)

    P.S. Ed and I were discussing how there seem to be far fewer Canadian geese around the Lake this year, compared to earlier years. Have any other members noticed the same thing? Please let Ed know!