As some of you may remember, last year I sent you an e-mail entitled “A Maynard Lake Classic”. This was the first of several “classical” events that I have been able to collect from the old archives that I have received from Carol Le Seure, Bob Bokenkamp, Mark and Jill Hieronymus, Charlie Wingstrom, Teresa Dorsey, Bill Ackermann, and Rick Schroeder (and some others as well). The earlier message dealt with the fact that, long before Canadian geese arrived in our neighborhood, there were many ducks, and the ducks caused many arguments and disagreements among members who liked the ducks and those who found them to be a nuisance.

The present mailing deals with a second classical conflict that centered on the Solon property, the large stretch of farmland between Moraine Drive and Duncan Road. As you know, this land is planted each year in corn or in beans. Since it is now  Spring plowing time, it is perhaps time to remind us all that, in earlier years, the plowing right up to the edge of the west side of this field dumped “furrows” onto Moraine Drive—a plowing practice referred to in the attachments here as “furrow dumping”. The consternation caused by this practice is described initially in the first attachment, a letter from Bill Ackermann. a Board member to a neighbor, Rich Ruthenberg, a previous Board member.

The second attachment contains two pictures of the furrows that were dumped on Moraine Drive, as described in Bill’s letter.

The third attachment is Rich Ruthenberg’s reply to Bill, expressing the frustration that resulted in failing to prevent the furrow dumping as well as some suggestions for dealing with the problem in the future.

Just a bit of Maynard Lake history that I thought you might enjoy.


P.S. I came here in 1993 and never saw any furrow dumping, so it is clear that the efforts of these gentlemen and others managed to stop this practice.

I’m still interested in collecting more of this kind of information from “the old days"! If any of you are old pack rats like me, maybe you can search your archives and see what you might find. I will return any materials that you loan me so that you can put them back into their comfortable corners of the basement, or wherever they have lived in the past.