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A few weeks ago, Bobbi Klein realized that our fall colors weren't mediocre this year; they were just late in changing! So, she suggested that it might be a nice web project to ask MLHA members to submit images they took from their own property, and so give us an unusual perspective on the multitude of beautiful trees that grow adjacent to and near Maynard Lake. I thought it was a great idea, and it's been a year since we did a photo project for the web site.

Thanks to everyone who contributed photos, and often worked with me to get the best, highest-resolution images possible. The contributors are credited on the page with their photo(s), but here's the whole list in alphabetical order: Wing Chow, Ed Conrad, Kati Dee, Dave Fernandes, Jill Hieronymus, Bobbi Klein, Kim Marino, Vicki Patton, Kip Pope, John Rogers and Jael Thorp. I appreciate every contribution! Every contribution was made quickly, and everyone worked with me to generate the captions under every photo. This was truly a team effort among all of the contributors and myself, and I'm very grateful to everyone who participated!

The following short table lists all photographers and the page(s) on which their work appears.
Each page number is linked to that page so you can access it immediately.
Wing Chow
Ed Conrad
Kati Dee
Dave Fernandes
Jill Hieronymus
Bobbi Klein
Linked Page(s)
Kim Kissinger Marino
Vicki Patton
Kip Pope
John Rogers
Jael Thorp
Linked Page(s)
4, 5

For all photographic displays in this section, clicking any of the photos on these pages will open the original, full-sized image in a new page/tab; often you must click the mouse on the larger image to see it in its full size (this is definitely true if your mouse cursor appears as a "plus" sign (+). Enjoy, and, as usual, please inform me asap of any errors.

Howard Black
MLHA Webmaster

Page One

Photographer Credits: Down left column: Jill Hieronymus (1st two); Kati Dee (last two)
Down right column: Jill Hieronymus (1st); Kati Dee (remainder)

My Sunset Maple. It is in our front yard at 1822 Maynard.
Our back yard looking east, but the maple on the right
is across the lake at the Kirkolis’.
Our backyard looking east. The maple on the left
is in the back yard of Ed and Carolyn Conrad.
Fall in our back yard at 1850 Maynard Dr.
Over the fence to the peninsula
Facing East on the peninsula
East side of peninsula
East side of peninsula - more closeup view
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